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"Not a rug Pashmina" Ruana

The name says it all....this warm comfy, lets-cuddle-up Ruana in our custom plaid drapes comfortably across your body. A black toggle clasp fastens at the front.

Details - 100% Acrylic: Hand Wash
Item #JJD-A316116

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Love this!

Review by Whitley

This is so warm and comfortable and the quality is great!
MN Love!

Review by Jess Urbanski

1. I love the "Friends" reference in the title.
2. Can you please re-stock? We totally need this for the Minnesota winters, as your hometown hubby knows.


Review by Jan

I wanted this sooo bad! PLEASE RESTOCK

Review by Kate

I know this isn't a review by oh my, it is so cute!!!! Want it so bad!

Review by Gina Guzman

Please get back in..

Review by Carrie

The first time I wore it, I got so many compliments!!! Super cute and comfy, also keeps you warm! I definitely recommend it.
Missing out :(

Review by Jessica

Please restock, I couldn't wait to buy this!
Want this

Review by Dawn Jackson

Love this. I want it. Please get more in ❤️
Please please restock!!

Review by Kristin M.

So bummed I missed this - please restock!

Review by Kristina

Just missed out on my chance to get this!! Please restock!!!
Exactly as expected!

Review by Hannah

I ordered this to wear for our engagement photos and it's so perfect! This is a nice thickness and great quality! Can't wait to wear it so many different ways!
Just love it!

Review by Anita N.

I finally got mine and I am so in love with it! It's comfy and warm! Also very fashionable too! :)

Review by Jaqlynn

Very cute! I love the feel and the warmth it gives. Lovely color for the December month! I of course wear all black and add this for a great look. My only thing is, the little red fuzzies can get on your shirt, leggings, and I have found some fuzz in my hair ;) no big deal tho! Super cute!

Review by Kimberly Rose

I love this! So soft and comfortable! You can mix and match it with so many tops and bottoms! Perfect for the fall and winter!
Cozy and Warm

Review by Jill

How is this not sold out yet? It fits like a dream. One size really does fit all. I'm 5'2 110 pounds and my friend who is 5'6 140 pounds have already both worn it. It looks amazing on both of us. Even my g/f who is preggo tried it on and it looked so cute! It's extremely soft and flattering. So cozy. Can dress it up or down. Fav piece for sure!!!

Review by Autumn Watkins

very good quality, and too cute for words! Definitely a good purchase :)

Review by Briana

I will have this item forever. You can dress it up, wear it casually, wear it watching TV sipping hot chocolate...haha it's perfect! Such good quality and I know it's gonna last me a lifetime. Everyone needs one of these in their closets!!!
In love

Review by Keepitkittenish

In love with this pashmina! So soft and beautiful! The toggle makes it different and it's such good quality!

Review by Lex

It so so so so soft! Just got mine and I am obessssed!!!!
Cant wait!!

Review by Jessica L

Just ordered this! My friend got one at your concert and she hasn't stopped wearing it! So versatile and soft! Cant wait to get mine and bundle up this winter :)

Review by Alexa

Love love love this! Just ordered mine!
Skepital at first

Review by Ann C

I have to admit, I never bought one these before! let me tell you, i LOVE it!!!! Its so soft and I haven't stopped using it. perfect for the winter and holidays!
So comfy

Review by Britt

Hands down my favorite piece! Its so soft and versatile

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